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Igniting the Future: Designing Experiences for a Rapidly Changing World


We are living in a world as explorers; every day we experiment and uncover the unknown. As technologies, behaviors, and beliefs evolve, so do the ways we live, work, move, play, and interact with the world around us.

Businesses continue to feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a recent report by Coresight Research, an estimated 25,000 stores may close this year. More than 100,000 small businesses have shuttered forever in the U.S. as the nation’s pandemic toll escalates.

Countless employees are now unemployed. But stores, restaurants, and other businesses are opening, adjusting to social distancing, and exploring new ways to connect with consumers to help their businesses survive.

Resilience and rapid response are needed now more than ever.

Accelerated Innovation

We understand the importance of acting fast with limited resources and we’re designing solutions to empower brands to move quickly and intelligently. What may have taken brands months or year-long planning to orchestrate is being accelerated into weeks by LiveArea. We’re designing innovation programs for growth and collaborating with brands to deliver a pipeline of ideas to test and learn. It includes experimenting with emerging technologies to help create seamless, purposeful experiences. The near future is explorative, exciting and we are sure to see accelerated innovation.

Evolving Experiences

At LiveArea, we are creating consumer-led experiences through the power of play, putting consumers in the designer’s seat to co-create new products and experiences.

With most of the world connecting virtually, we are bringing together cross-functional perspectives globally to rally around specific business or design challenges, generating a vast number of ideas, collaboratively critiquing, rapidly distilling, and prioritizing ideas around a shared vision.

At an accelerated pace, we are realizing ideas with prototypes to test, learn, and evolve experiences. Insights into what’s working are being uncovered – along with what’s not — and we’re exploring ways to improve the customer experience compared with competitors and current trends in the physical and digital world. The goal is to identify immediate areas where we can create value and drive growth.

Exploration + Experimentation

With the growth of emerging technologies, sensors, voice, and the power of IoT, NFC, RFID, AI, AR, VR — an alphabet soup, to be sure – we are designing connected experiences on the cusp of the future. This includes checkout-free experiences, voice-activated services, gamified shopping and entertainment, and virtual try-on services for almost anything. Beyond emerging tech, we are also exploring ways to leverage existing technologies that connect consumers in seamless, new ways at meaningful moments in a time where it matters most.

An example of this is the Scan & Go shopping experience. Research that shows 87% of shoppers prefer to shop in stores with touchless or a robust self-checkout, and that the majority of U.S. consumers are downloading zero apps per month.

Scan & Go is a technology solution that retailers have been afraid to try, but it’s one that could make shopping safer immediately. We’ve created functional, web-based Scan & Go prototypes across multiple eCommerce environments, including Salesforce, BigCommerce SAP, and Magento with others in development. This means we are creating app-free connected experiences that empower consumers and retailers on multiple platforms with a solution that is fast, affordable and widely accessible.

What Does the Future Hold?

While we have not created a way to predict the future, we are working on exciting products and solutions and seeking innovative partners to shape the future of our everchanging world. We believe our light and lean approach will provide a unique perspective that can result in a robust pipeline of innovation that brands can explore and rapidly evolve.

in· no· va· tion | \ ˌi-nə-ˈvā-shən  \

“The creation of new products and services that deliver value to customers in a manner that is supported by a sustainable and profitable business model.”

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Author: Valerie Vacante

Director of Global Strategy




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