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3 Reasons You Should Implement Google Analytics 4 Now


As you may or may not have heard, Google has launched “Google Analytics 4,” an entirely new version of the tool.  To be clear this is not an upgrade to the current version of Google Analytics, but rather an entirely new platform.  Why should you implement this new version of Google Analytics now?

Reason #1 – Start collecting data now so you have historical data in your Google Analytics 4 property.  You will not lose your historical information in your current Google Analytics properties, but the data will live in an entirely different reporting view and the data structure is largely different.  Collecting this data now will allow you to compare metrics year over year making it easier to generate value from reports going forward.

Reason #2 – Google Analytics 4 is where investments in the tool are being made moving forward. Getting started now will allow you to get familiar with the new reports, features, and implementation.  Obtaining early access to the future of Google Analytics will put you ahead of your competition.

Reason #3 – There are many new features in Google Analytics 4 that you can leverage to answer business questions. I won’t highlight all of the features in this blog, but here are three worth noting:

  • There is no sampling, which means you can report on and analyze your full data set. Previously this was a feature that was exclusive to the paid version of Google Analytics (GA360).
  • Take advantage of a more flexible and intelligent reporting interface that puts an emphasis on stitching users and their interactions together across platforms and devices. In addition, Advanced Analysis is available to all Google Analytics 4 users where previously this was a GA360 feature only.
  • Leverage the free BigQuery integration to analyze your data in new ways. For example, you can integrate your data with third party data or other internal data sets to conduct new & different analyses.

If you are interested in implementing Google Analytics 4 or just want to learn more please drop us a line.

Author: John Kalinoski

John Kalinoski is Director of Digital Analytics and CRO at LiveArea.





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