Get Ready for PSD2

with LiveArea

Although the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) has extended the PSD2 deadline by 18 months, it should still be a priority for merchants to comply with the new guidelines sooner, rather than later. Early adoption can not only put you ahead of competitors, but also ensures your customers continue to trust your brand and spend their money through trusted payment methods on your website. ​

Listen to LiveArea’s webinar recording to understand the requirements for a successful PSD2 migration plan along with time frames and all the steps you need to action. ​


Why you need to act now and why there is more to SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) than penalty charges.

How to successfully build and implement a PSD2 migration plan.

How to work with your PSP (payment services provider) to get the information you need and stay ahead of minimum version upgrade requirements.

This webinar recording will provide specific guidance on:




Our speaker.

Richard Mathias  | Senior Technology Architect,  LiveArea EMEA

Richard Mathias is a Senior Technology Architect at LiveArea EMEA. An alumnus of Cambridge University who started his career at British Steel in Port Talbot, Richard is an experienced IT and commerce professional, having previously worked in strategy, consulting, technology and operations services provision. Richard specialises in bringing people, process, technology and innovation together to help B2C and B2B companies achieve measurable success. 

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Get Ready for PSD2 

with LiveArea

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