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See yourself and how you serve customers in a new light.

Service design focuses on the people who matter most to your business: Customers and employees. ​ It illuminates a constellation of opportunities to see your business in a different light — and map new paths that extend the journey customers take with you.

Service design choreographs the ballet of people, processes, technologies, data, and interactions that bring services to life.



Real-world thinking and design.

We help you look at your business not as a series of divisions and products, but as a collection of services you provide customers holistically. We evaluate and solve problems and identify opportunities at the customer experience level through the mechanics of service delivery and beyond.   ​

In a series of workshops, we map how your organization delivers a service, and the people, processes, technology, data, and experiences required along the way. This blueprint enables us to search for opportunities to create new efficiencies in service delivery, allowing your business to save money, scale more effectively, and build better services.

At the same time, we discover opportunities for you to offer new services, generating new revenue streams while providing customers with even more reasons to love your brand. These opportunities, or “service candidates,” are an inventory of improvement ideas you can test and try on your journey to true transformation. ​ A cohesive strategy ties the services to your business and exceptional design and user experience ensures adoption.

Why service design?

Understand customer issues and pain points.

Discover opportunities for service expansion, natural extensions to your business.

Identify service weaknesses and uncover ways to elevate experiences.

Bridge cross-department efforts and breakdown siloes.

Create new efficiencies in service delivery.


Our service design process.

Our approach is focused on three simple steps: ​


We inspect every aspect of your business and create a blueprint of how you are currently delivering services for customers.


We imagine a better way, and collectively build a potential “future-state blueprint” of how your business could run better and deliver improved services for customers.


At this simplest level, this phase is focused on testing process changes, creating new roles in your organization, or prototyping a new, simpler customer experience. At a more advanced level, this involves integrating new technology. ​ Here LiveArea Service Design becomes a tool to help your organization manage innovation and new product lifecycles with continual experimentation, measurement, and grooming of new and existing ideas. ​

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