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Every great orchestra needs an artful conductor.

Today’s digital ecosystems are big, complex, and interdependent. This makes them powerful for customers – creating seamless, connected experiences online and in-store, across every device and digital touchpoint. But orchestrating this complexity is a challenge for any brand — until now.

One update anywhere in a digital ecosystem can affect the performance of multiple experiences and systems.



A new way of looking at managed services.

LiveArea orchestrates and manages changes, updates, and improvements to your digital ecosystem. We have a unique ability to collaborate with business stakeholders to choreograph updates and avoid performance issues and a ripple effect with intersecting systems. We have deep expertise in every service area and activity required to manage and optimize a holistic digital environment – from marketing systems to order management and beyond.

In addition to strategic assistance, LiveArea technologists manage day-to-day commerce operations and monitor technology continuously with best-in-class tools and practices. The result is a high performing and stable eCommerce environment to serve your customers. Our automation tools facilitate fast, accurate code deployment – whether applying a software patch or launching new code. We have the expertise and automation to identify and remediate issues before events occur.  

Strategy and Product

  • Product management​
  • Performance analysis and recommendations​
  • Segmentation and targeting​
  • Business modeling and revenue forecasting​
  • Channel strategy​
  • Brand positioning​
  • Product pricing and positioning​
  • Product roadmaps​
  • Story and feature prioritization​

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Marketing and Optimization

  • Campaign concepts and testing​
  • Campaign production​
  • Media mix modeling
  • Search engine optimization​
  • Performance marketing​
  • Campaign optimization​
  • Conversion rate optimization​

Experience Design

  • Design concepts and testing​
  • Service blueprinting​
  • Experience design​
  • Visual design
  • Usability testing
  • Design production
  • Development support

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Build and Test

  • Prototyping​
  • Feature enablement​
  • Platform integration​
  • Ongoing backlog management​
  • Defect resolution​
  • Minor enhancement implementation ​
  • Functional/integration testing​​

Manage and Operate

  • Performance reporting​
  • Data Integration and transfer​
  • Campaign setup​
  • 24×7 support​
  • Defect management​
  • Release Management​
  • Environment prep​
  • Training and enablement​
  • Customer service​


A coordinated effort across all services.

As a global company with hundreds of technology-reliant businesses as clients, LiveArea has a uniquely informed perspective on technology system management. Simply put – we’ve seen what works and we know what doesn’t. We’re in the business of staying ahead of advances in technology; our experts explore and test ideas with the power to deliver greater value to our clients.

Today we manage and optimize marketing and commerce operations for ​global clients, helping them deliver more than $5.5 billion in digital sales. We are a global team with 20+ years of experience helping clients navigate the constantly changing strategy and technology landscape. ​

Strategic and value driven

We understand how to help you identify new revenue opportunities and how to deliver your current services in a more efficient, and cost-effective way.

Measurable results

When you team with us on planning activities based on revenue, we can help you leverage data to inform and track profitability gains attributed to orchestrated work.

Flexible team structures

Priorities, projects, and operational necessities change. Adjusting to these shifts frequently means additional or different skill sets are needed, so we staff with a flexible model.

Commitment to communication

We maintain clear and open communication to eliminate ambiguity and confusion, ensure expectations are set, build trust and confidence, maximize efficiency, and maintain focus.

Focus on innovation

Innovation is as much a process as it is an inspiration. Frameworks and recurring workshops that focus on continuous innovation orient the team around enhancing and growing engagement as opposed to maintaining it.

World-class experience

Innovation is as much a process as it is an inspiration. Frameworks and recurring workshops that focus on continuous innovation orient the team around enhancing and growing engagement as opposed to maintaining it.

Orchestrated Services Case Studies.

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