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Welcome to the digital hurricane.​

New technology. New start-ups. New brands. New products. Today the world isn’t just changing – it’s a whirlwind of disruption. How do you navigate all this change? What’s the right technology to drive your company forward? How can you prepare for constantly evolving competition? The answer is NXT Intelligence™.

We bring an outside-in perspective to help you understand opportunities from the perspective of your customers



Take advantage of what’s next.

To succeed in the future, brands need a fast, comprehensive way to understand, explore, and evaluate a flood of innovation.NXT Intelligence™ is a collection of solutions focused on helping clients rapidly assess the opportunities today’s modern cycle of innovation reveal.

Each solution is purpose-built to rapidly answer questions about the changing world of technology, innovation, and brand experiences. Where needed, strategy and design and user experience complement this work. ​

As a technology-agnostic agency, we offer unbiased evaluations of new platforms and emerging technologies through NXT Intelligence™ to help you choose the best options for your business.

Our focus on design thinking and lean start-up methodologies has led us to create rapid solutions to help you explore innovation opportunities.  And, once you identify concepts to pursue, we can prototype and test through our Product Innovation services.


NXT Intelligence™ solutions​.

Our services extend across a wide landscape covering technology, innovation, and brand experience. Offerings include:


NXT Platform Analysis

Analyze technology platforms, scorecard and map future-focused solutions​.

NXT Emerging Technology Review

Evaluate current emerging technologies, trends, and opportunities. ​

NXT Innovation Scouting

Scout the global startup community, curate potential collaboration opportunities to expand growth.​


NXT Future View

Uncover megatrends, explore, evaluate, and evolve ideas that align with overall strategic goals and growth​.

NXT Experience Films

A future state customer experience journey workshop and film​.

NXT Digital Days

Showcase emerging technologies, disruptive trends that spark discussion, ideation, and uncover potential opportunities​.

Ignite Design Sessions

A workshop to collaboratively critique, rapidly distill, and prioritize ideas around a shared vision​.

Product Playground

Co-create new ways to improve product experiences with consumers.

NXT Rapid Testing

Rapid customer feedback and validation analysis of preliminary prototypes, product, and marketing ideas​.

Brand Experience.

Lean Landscape Review

Lean evaluation across category, competitors, and current customer experience to identify actionable insights, map, and prioritize growth opportunities​.

NXT Brand Experience Review

Evaluate current brand experience, messaging, and visual guidelines across digital platforms outlining enhancement opportunities​.

NXT Loyalty Analysis

Analyze current Loyalty programs, scorecard offerings ,and workshop potential solutions.


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