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Digital transformation begins with a well-defined strategy – a clear vision of today and tomorrow.


Transformation may be as simple as refining the path to purchase, as creative as imagining new experiences, or as complex as reshaping your commerce infrastructure. 

It all starts with strategy, a common thread running through our core services. Across NXT Intelligence™ and Product Innovation to Service Design, Connected Commerce, and Orchestrated Services, strategy is an integral part of everything we do. We collaborate with clients to define, analyze, test, and apply strategy on all fronts – B2C and B2B, in-store and online – for emerging brands and well-established global enterprises.

Our focal point is turning your goals into actionable strategies delivering measurable results. We blend digital expertise with industry-specific insight to develop phased roadmaps, organizational models, and essential frameworks all tied back to desired outcomes. We guide you step-by-step through the execution of these plans, which include total cost of ownership and return on investment analysis.

Our comprehensive marketing strategy, commerce strategy, and innovation services emphasize data-driven decision making, leveraging emerging technologies and best practices curated over thousands of engagements delivered globally.

Engagements can be short, tactical missions focusing on a single workstream or extensive explorations of emerging opportunities, new markets, expanded product and service offerings, or channel performance.

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