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SAP Commerce Cloud 2005: What You Need to Know


If there is one lesson learned in all the disruption that defines 2020 it is this: A business can never be too agile – especially in commerce – and anything you can do to adapt and flex quickly in response to opportunities and threats is business critical.

In development long before the global pandemic hit, SAP Commerce Cloud 2005 – the latest release – was built with agility in mind. It includes key features we like a lot because they enable B2C and B2B companies to flex and adapt rapidly. We’ve worked with SAP commerce technology for many years and implemented solutions for clients across a wide range of industries. This latest SAP Commerce Cloud release doubles down on transformation – especially for B2B enterprises – making it simpler to transition to headless, improving personalization capabilities, and simplifying commerce across a wide range of devices.

Applause, applause: Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) APIs

One of our favorite additions to SAP Commerce Cloud is Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) APIs for B2C and B2B, which enable greater speed and agility.

OCC APIs allow you to decouple your front-end storefront from the back-end platform, resulting in a flexible headless commerce system. You can create multiple commerce touchpoints that make requests to the back-end through API calls. This approach ensures that you can reach customers through a variety of digital touchpoints such as decoupled storefronts for desktop and mobile, apps, wearables, smart devices, and social media. While headless commerce was enabled for B2C in the previous release, this new release is the first in the industry to support headless combined with content management for B2B.

Speaking of content and agility, SmartEdit provides an easy and intuitive way to edit and manage websites across all touch points from a single interface. It allows you to create media containers for your simple responsive banner components. Media containers make it easier to manage the images for your inflection points: widescreen, desktop, tablet, and mobile.


SmartEdit now provides single sign-on so that users can sign into their SmartEdit sessions with their company credentials. This eliminates the need to sign in when the user switches applications during a session. SSO also reduces the administrative overhead of distributing multiple authentication tokens to a user.

Now entering the coliseum – Spartacus

The OCC APIs also add full account functionality for headless implementations, enabling complex buyer configurations through Spartacus. This open-source JavaScript web application allows you to quickly create your own branded JavaScript-based storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud.

A progressive web app, Spartacus is written using Angular and published as a set of libraries. The recommended approach is to build your own JavaScript web app and import Spartacus libraries. Without modification, the storefront works out-of-the-box, but Spartacus has been designed to be upgradable, customizable, and extendable, to suit all your branding and functionality requirements. It is the strategic way forward for maintaining a customizable storefront with SAP Commerce Cloud.

What else we like

  • Context-driven services for SAP Commerce Cloud add A/B testing and merchandising reporting to boost conversion and offer an even better customer experience with real-time personalization.
  • The Backoffice Product Cockpit now features management of complex bundles and rules to enable cross-selling of physical, digital, and service products that helps boost average order value and conversion.
  • The Backoffice workflow designer enhances business user productivity for workflow management in a visual and highly intuitive way.
  • Enhancements to Integration APIs and SAP Cloud Platform Integration for Commerce Cloud simplify end-to-end integrations for enterprise-wide business processes.

Fast, easy access

This blog offers a high-level overview of new features and functionality in SAP Commerce Cloud 2005 – there are many more. These and all the other features included in the latest release are available in FastTrack Commerce by LiveArea, our rapid-deploy solution for B2B eCommerce that enables fast and cost-effective implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud.

What does this mean for you? If you’re a B2B enterprise, it means you can access 2005 functionality in our pre-configured, out-of-the-box solution. We combine SAP’s world-class enterprise technology and services to bring B2B eCommerce implementations to life with minimal time, effort and investment, and maximum value at a rapid pace.

FastTrack Commerce by LiveArea is the only SAP-Qualified Partner Package built expressly for SAP Commerce Cloud and designed to meet the unique needs of B2B commerce. In just 16 weeks, you can launch an eCommerce platform harnessing the power and flexibility of SAP Commerce Cloud, ranked a B2B solution leader by Forrester.

Talk to a LiveArea SAP Commerce Cloud expert about the latest update and about FastTrack Commerce. Drop us a line.


Author: Jon Mundorf

Jon Mundorf is Area Vice President of Delivery for LiveArea.





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