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Optimization Versus Innovation in Digital Commerce

In a space that moves as fast as commerce, the distinction between innovation and optimization is never black and white. This is especially true in a year where necessity drove massive amounts of innovation.

B2B eCommerce: How Businesses Improve the Customer Experience

Bidder’s Bites is a series of thought-leading blogs discussing the state of customer experience and the impact it has on businesses today, and how they can stay ahead of the game. Written by customer experience thought leader, Paul Bidder.

NFTs and the Future of Commerce

NFTs and the Future of Commerce

Why are NFTs making headlines and why are they changing art, collectibles, and more for years to come? I have answers and more on why NFTs could be the future of collectibles and eCommerce as we know it.

Remote College to Remote Work

Remote College to Remote Work

There is a unique group, a class if you will, transitioning from college to work during the pandemic. Their last semester or even last year was spent attending classes online, missing out on vital in-person work sessions and collaboration, and, instead, spending hours behind a screen.

Recalibrating Luxury for the  Digital Age

Recalibrating Luxury for the
Digital Age

In luxury, the pressure to go digital has mounted and the impact of Covid-19 has brought this to a crescendo. But digital and distinctive aren’t mutually exclusive – or they don’t have to be. Find out how to bring luxury into the digital age – and why heritage luxury brands are rethinking their business models.

Holiday 2020:Predictions to Plan By NOW

Holiday 2020:
Predictions to Plan By NOW

This year’s holiday season is going to be the most unpredictable peak season we have known. To help with preparation, LiveArea has compiled these Top 5 Predictions: Preparing for Peak Season in a Year of Deep Disruption.

Coronavirus Part 2: A Reason to be Optimistic

Coronavirus Part 2: A Reason to be

While many people are worried about the immediate impact of the virus, opportunity exists now for companies. The companies that will flourish are those that don’t fear the disruption, but look at it as an opportunity for the future.

NRF 2020 Highlights byLiveArea

NRF 2020 Highlights by

We gathered insights from NRF 2020 reflecting common themes threaded through conference content that offer a glimpse into where retail is headed, interesting trends, and how brands are thinking about and caring for customers