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LiveArea amplifies SPREE Interactive’s brand in VR gaming

The future lies in merging physical and digital worlds, and this is exactly what SPREE Interactive is doing as it brings multiplayer, free-roaming virtual reality or VR gameplay to shopping malls, family entertainment centers, and museums in Europe, U.S., and the Middle East. This is a booming sector LiveArea is helping to foster.

Google Extends Support for Third-Party Cookies into 2023

Recently, Google has been sharing more information about phasing out third-party browser cookies. But what is a browser cookie anyway? Cookies are just data points stored in your web browser that allow websites to track users and customize web experiences.

Inclusive Design and Leading with Empathy

Inclusive Design and Leading with Empathy

In her role, Misty describes her job as ensuring “that whatever we put out into the world as a digital experience for our clients is as inclusive as possible. It’s about inspiring, advocating, educating, and finding all the ways we can welcome more people and help them feel more seen and valued.”

Headless Commerce for the  C-Suite

Headless Commerce for the

This ebook focuses on the opportunities headless commerce provides for each business area, as well as exploring the benefits, challenges and questions to ask your business.